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From: "Mike Hettinger" <mike@mikehettinger.com>
Subject: MAKE IT MIKE!  - Campaign News - 22 October 2004
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 14:57:17 +1000

Dear Friends,

The campaign now enters a phase characteristic of the Hare-Clark system
in which votes are progressively counted, but results not definitively
known, sometimes for weeks.  We all live in that twilight zone of
'potentially winning' but not knowing for sure...

In the meantime, here is the latest count:

These results were last updated on Thursday 21 Oct 2004 3:59PM. Total of
86399 votes counted (90.4%). 

Australian Labor Party, Australian Capital Territory  
 BARR, Andrew	  3202 	 3.8% 	0.3 quota
 HETTINGER, Mike  3390 	 4.0% 	0.3 quota
 Group total 	 38233 	45.3% 	3.6 quotas

Liberal Party  
 BURKE, Jacqui 	   4943 	 5.9% 	0.5 quota
 MULCAHY, Richard  6544 	 7.8% 	0.6 quota
 SESELJA, Zed 	   5090 	 6.0% 	0.5 quota
 Group total 	  27505 	32.6% 	2.6 quotas

The ACT Greens  
 FOSKEY, Deb 	 3895 	 4.6% 	0.4 quota
 Group total 	 9677 	11.5% 	0.9 quota

As you can see, it is all pretty close and can result in a number of

Assuming the three sitting ALP members win quota (pretty sure bet) and
Mulcahy and Foskey get seats (although this is less certain), that
leaves two further seats for contention.  The fourth place ALP candidate
(me if vote differential holds) would be competing against two Libs
(Burke and Seselja) for the final two seats.  Who gets these final seats
will depend upon where preferences flow from the independents and minor
parties.  So keep your fingers crossed -- the chances are real that we
can win the fourth Molonglo seat!

Elections ACT on its site posts an interim distribution of preferences
document.  The document does give an indication on where preferences
from excluded candidates flow, but since it is based on only a limited
number of booths, no conclusions on who is ahead or behind can be drawn.

LATEST TOP TEN BOOTHS (in order of percentage of votes won)

O'Connor		10.3% (first place overall)
Narrabundah		10.1% (second place overall- to Ted)
Lyneham			 9.0% (third place for ALP, fourth overall - pipped by Deb)
Baker Gardens Ainslie	 9.0% 
Turner			 8.7%
Watson			 8.4%
Ainslie North		 6.7%
Ainslie			 6.5%
Dickson			 6.0%
Canberra City		 5.3%


Take caution when reading the Canberra Times articles on the progressive
counts and preference distributions.  They are based upon only a limited
number of booths whose votes have been keyed in.   To re-emphasise what
is stated above, the bottom line is that you won't know the final result
until the final count -- and it may be markedly different from the
second-to-the-last count.

Yesterday's Canberra Times article "Four-way contest in Molonglo could
be key to ALP majority" contained the statement "If Labor does win a
forth (sic) seat in Molonglo, it will come down to a contest between two
very different candidates, Mike Hettinger and Andrew Barr."  

Yes, we may have our differences -- I admit I'm not a keen cricketer,
having never mastered the fine art of bowling (resembles more of a
twisted baseball pitch than anything else).

In the context of the assertion that the two candidates are different
comes this statement regarding Andrew's campaign:  "His tireless
campaigning saw him return a strong vote for a first-time candidate."
Hmmmm...  Don't assume for a minute that this means that our own
campaign was not tireless or did not return a strong vote!  Because of
everyone's energy, enthusiasm and innovation, this campaign has
surprised the pundits and swept us into the top place among non-sitting
ALP candidates in Molonglo.  Congratulations -- you deserve it! 


And here's some proof from the voters -- check out this site:
http://crazybrave.blogspot.com/2004/10/we-like-our-mike.html Some great
stuff, including these snippets from different bloggers:

Well, that's it, I'm smitten.  If I can't have a Jesuit educated Soviet
saving peace loving war veteran rocket scientist romantic as my
representative in Parliament, I don't want anyone.


Further to my crush, i realise from reading his web site that he lives
in the same street as my babysitter.  I'll be cruising up and down
looking out for him - then there is that "true love" bit, damn.


I whizzed past him on my bike, declining a brochure, then found one of
his green babies on the floor of the polling room and fell in love on
the spot.  I dashed outside to find him afterwards, but like every true
superhero, he'd disappeared. 

Stay tuned for more fun and laughs as the count continues!


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